Who We Are

The Church Planting Supersite is a joint effort of TellStart and Church Plant Media. Together we have over 50 years experience serving and planting churches. The leadership and teams of both organizations are Bible-believing evangelicals. We subscribe to the doctrinal statement of the National Association of Evangelicals. Our mission statement is very simple.

We seek to assist with the multiplication of Christ-centered churches by providing a one-stop portal that will showcase the very best services, products, and ministries related to church planting.

Our links fall into two categories. First, of course, are those entities that relate specifically to church planting or church ministry in general. For instance, if your organization provides chairs for churches, both new and established churches might benefit from finding you. Or, if you are a church plant coaching organization you would appeal primarily to church planters, denominational leaders, and those directly associated with starting new churches.

Second, there are entities that are entirely secular. Wikipedia, Yellow Pages, Google, Skype, and Vimeo are listed, as well as a host of other secular organizations. These listings do not compensate us to be listed. We simply see this as an added value in providing easy access to these services for our listed partners.

If you are a Supersite partner, more links means greater outreach potential. All promotion works off the law of large numbers. The many different websites available here will increase the likelihood of your target audience finding you. It's our goal that every church planter in America will bookmark this Supersite.